How much does a stork rental cost? How long is the rental period?

The charge for renting a stork yard sign is $85. The rental period is seven days. We will leave the personalized bundle with the family when we return to pick up the stork. Grandparent, baby shower, and twin stork rentals are also an option, as are signs for siblings and pets. These prices can be found on the Pricing page.

Where do you deliver?

We proudly deliver throughout the Central Virginia area, including Charlottesville, Crozet, Culpeper, Earlysville, Fluvanna, Greene, Keswick, Madison, and Orange. Please contact us if you don’t see your area listed, we will do our best to accommodate your desired location. An additional fee may apply.

How far in advance should I order the sign?

We strive to deliver your sign within 24 hours of order and payment. When the baby arrives, give us a call or fill out the order form with the name (first and middle), birthday, weight, length, delivery address, contact phone number, and who is gifting the stork. For stork yard signs for the baby shower, advanced reservations are needed.

Can I reserve the sign before the baby is born?

Yes! Contact us via phone or email with the baby’s expected due date. This will reserve your sign. Payment is also due at this time. Just notify us when the baby arrives with the name (first and middle), birthday, weight, length, delivery address, contact phone number, and who is gifting the stork. We will then set up a delivery time.

Do you offer signs for Grandparents?

Yes! No matter what grandparent name you’ve been blessed with, we can customize a stork for you. Please contact us after the baby is born with the Grandparent title, name (first and middle), and birthday. The customized bundle will read “Proud (Grandparent Title) of..” with first and middle name and date of birth below and will be gifted to the proud grandparents after the rental is complete. If the grandparent prefers a generic “It’s a Granddaughter!” or “It’s a Grandson!” we offer those as well, but the bundle is not a keepsake and will be picked up with the stork at the end of the rental.

Can I rent a sign for a baby shower?

Yes! Charlottesville Storks offers a one-day Baby Shower Stork rental. The sign will be delivered and set up at least 2 hours before the shower and picked up by the end of the day. We offer stands for indoor or outdoor use. The rental includes a bundle with the generic wording “Welcome to the Baby Shower” in pink or blue. The bundle is not a keepsake and will be picked up at the end of the rental period. Baby Shower personalized keepsake bundles are available upon request and will be gifted to the parent-to-be.

Do you offer any other signs?

Yes! We offer several different signs to complement the stork and to include family and friends in the celebration. Our sibling stars are the perfect way to celebrate the big brother or big sister. Add a personalized “Welcome Home” to our message star to greet the new family when they arrive home. We also have dog bones and cat signs because we can’t forget those furry family members. All of the personalized signs are gifted to the family after the rental is complete. Please note: these signs are add-ons and can only be purchased in addition to a stork.

Is there a delivery charge?

We provide free delivery within 20 miles from our home. A $20 delivery fee will be added for 20.1-30 miles. If the location for delivery is greater than 30 miles, please contact us for a quote.

Where will you put my yard sign?

We will use our best judgment regarding sign placement to ensure optimal visibility and photo opportunities. If there is a specific spot that you would like the sign placed, please specify when ordering, and we will do our best to accommodate the requests.

Can I move, mow around, or attach anything to the sign?

Please do not move and/or remove the yard sign as damage can occur. If you need the sign moved or removed before the rental period is over, please contact us to move it. Please use extreme caution when mowing or weed eating near the sign as damage can occur if any contact is made with the sign. Do not attach anything to the sign, including balloons. When a balloon pops the sun bakes the latex into the sign causing permanent damage.

What happens if the stork yard sign gets damaged?

If you notice any damage to the sign, please notify Charlottesville Storks immediately. Our signs are durable, weather-resistant, and designed to last. However, the signs are not designed for climbing. We are not responsible or liable for any injuries involving the sign while it’s being rented. The renter of the stork sign assumes that responsibility and liability and also will be responsible for payment of any damage to the sign while it’s rented. By ordering a sign, the individual accepts responsibility for the sign while it’s on their or their family member or friend’s property. Thank you so much for your consideration and cooperation.